2021 S-Class cockpit showcase

What is the Mercedes COMAND® System?

Mercedes-Benz COMAND® System: What It Is & What It Does

Here at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert in Gilbert, AZ, many new and certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz models come with something called the Mercedes-Benz COMAND® System. What kind of feature is it? What does it control? What does it consist of? Let’s take a look.

Keep reading to see what the Mercedes-Benz COMAND® System is, what it can do, and how it’s evolved.

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M-B worker handcrafting leather

What is Nappa leather upholstery?

What is Nappa Leather? How is it Different from Regular Leather?

Here at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert in Gilbert, AZ, many vehicles in our inventory are equipped with Nappa leather. A fair share of our customers usually have a few follow-up questions when learning that.

What exactly is Nappa leather upholstery, how is it different from regular leather, and how do you take care of it? Keep reading to find out.

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Side view of the Mercedes-Benz EQS

What are the most exciting elements of the Mercedes-Benz EQS?

All You Need to Know About the All-New Mercedes-Benz EQS

Here at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert, our team has been nearly overcome with excitement regarding the upcoming all-new Mercedes-Benz EQS, a sleek top-tier luxury sedan from our favorite automaker that’s just recently been revealed in detail.

There’s a lot to cover about the Mercedes-Benz EQS, but it helps to start with an overview of the most important elements. That’s why we’ve included the video below for your viewing pleasure. Learn about the Mercedes-Benz EQS model’s beautiful interior, efficient electric drive system, and plethora of cutting-edge technology throughout. Enjoy!

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Woman looks through binoculars for a VIN number

Where can I find my VIN?

Vehicle Identification Number Locations

You can think of a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) as kind of like a social security number for your vehicle. It’s a one-of-a-kind string of characters that can help identify for your ride in the sea of cars that exist in this world. Unlike a social security number, however, there’s no need to keep your VIN confidential.

Customers sometimes ask us here at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert: where can I find the VIN on my vehicle?

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Person uses computer and drinks coffee

How much is my trade-in worth in Gilbert, AZ?

Obtain Your Current Vehicle’s Value Online

For many drivers, a key part of buying a new vehicle is selling, or “trading in,” their old. The amount one gets for their trade-in can have a big impact on how much they can afford on their new vehicle.

When planning what to buy, it can help to know in advance how much your trade-in is worth. Customers from the Gilbert region frequently come to us here at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert to ask us this question. Is there a way to find out in advance how much your trade-in is worth in Gilbert, Arizona?

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Close-up on a tire tread

Where can I currently find special offers on new tires in Gilbert, AZ?

April/May 2021 Special Tire Offers at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert

Having quality tires is an important element of vehicle health. Worn tires not only decrease performance, but they can cause damage to your vehicle by giving an uneven drive. They’re also dangerous. At Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert, we ram home the importance of tires to our customers on a regular basis.

When it comes time to get new tires, it can be a nice bonus to save a little cash by taking advantage of a special offer. Where can one currently find special deals on new tires in Gilbert, AZ?

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2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class cabriolet cruises by the seashore

Where can I currently find special offers on used Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Gilbert, AZ?

April 2021 Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz Payment Waiver and Financing Offers

Getting a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz is a great way to get top-tier luxury features and amenities while saving a bit of sweet, sweet skrilla. Here at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert, we get many customers coming in to look at our extensive inventory of pre-owned (and Certified Pre-Owned) Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Adding a special offer on top of the pre-owned price is a great way to sweeten the deal even further. Where can one currently find special offers on used Mercedes-Benz models in the Gilbert area?

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A robot inside a car's brain wonders about autonomous driving levels

What do the different autonomous driving levels mean?

Though more attention has recently been focused on electric vehicles as the cutting-edge technology in the automotive sphere, autonomous driving capabilities have been continuously progressing in their own right. While initial claims that self-driving cars would be available for public use by 2020 did not come to fruition, there have still been some pretty sweet advances in driver-assists and other autonomous driving technology, much of which is available on top-tier new vehicles such as those provided by Mercedes-Benz.

Customers doing research on autonomous driving technology sometimes come across different “level” designations for vehicles’ ability to drive themselves. As a result, a question we at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert sometimes receive is: what do the different self-driving car levels refer to?

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Side view of 2021 Mercedes-Benz EQS interior

What kinds of unique, cutting-edge features will be included on the Mercedes-Benz EQS?

Mercedes-Benz EQS Sensory Optimization and Artificial Intelligence Elements

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is an upcoming all-electric luxury sedan slated to make its way to the U.S. market in the fall of 2021. With it, the automaker aims to redefine the whole luxury EV sedan segment.

A brief look at the model has us here at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert convinced that our favorite automaker is going to accomplish its mission and then some. Our confidence comes not only from the revolutionary engine, but also from the array of other special elements Mercedes-Benz has tossed into its latest lovechild. What special and unique features, besides the electric powertrain, will be found on the Mercedes-Benz EQS?

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