mercedes-Benz magic vision control system features

What is Mercedes-Benz MAGIC VISION CONTROL?


When you think about a luxury SUV, you typically think leather seats, an amazing infotainment system and only the highest quality materials. Have you ever thought about exclusive windshield wiper technology? Mercedes-Benz is providing its 2017 GLS drivers with the luxury of enhanced vision and safety in inclement weather with a MAGIC VISION CONTROL system.

The name may seem a little far-fetched but the technology is extremely practical. The window-cleaning system is an available feature for the 2017 GLS lineup and incorporates wiping and washing in the same sweep making it easier for drivers to see while using their windshield wipers.

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If you look at the windshield wipers on your current vehicle, you are most likely going to find two sprayers mounted to your car that spray washer fluid onto the windshield and your standard wipers you can find in any auto store. If you look at a 2017 GLS SUV you won’t find either of those. With the Mercedes-Benz MAGIC VISION CONTROL, the windshield wipers themselves features multiple nozzles that spray washer fluid directly from the wiper to the windshield causing less vision-obstructing spray and superior cleaning power.

mercedes-benz magic vision control system
laser cut hole of mercedes-benz magic vision control
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Features of Mercedes-Benz MAGIC VISION CONTROL:

  • Semi-Autonomous
  • Three Wash Settings (Summer, Winter, Cabriolet)
  • Fully Heated System
  • Multiple Laser Cut Holes to Dispense Fluid

With the MAGIC VISION CONTROL system, you can drive your Mercedes-Benz in any climate with the system’s three semi-autonomous settings and its fully heated components. From the reservoir through the wiper blades themselves, the MAGIC VISION CONTROL system is completed heated making it ideal for winter as well as summer. Using the Winter setting, frost disappears in seconds while in the Summer setting bugs and dirt disappear just as fast. The Cabriolet setting senses when the top is down and adjusts to ensure all fluid stays on your windshield and not in your car.

Which Mercedes-Benz models come with MAGIC VISION CONTROL?

The Follow Mercedes-Benz models have the brand’s MAGIC VISION CONTROL system available on select models from its lineup. See Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert for more information as to specific trim levels.

  • 2017-S-Class
  • 2017 S-Class Maybach
  • 2017 S-Class Coupe
  • 2017 S-Class Cabriolet
  • 2017 SL Roadster
  • 2017 GLE SUV
  • 2017 AMG GLE Coupe
  • 2017 GLS SUV

To get behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz equipped with MAGIC VISION CONTROL, contact our team at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert. You can also view our entire new model inventory online and find the model with all of the features you’re are looking for in your next Mercedes-Benz.