Pothole damage on cars

How Potholes are affecting your Mercedes-Benz

Effects of Potholes on Cars

Each year, those little cracks in the road get just a smidge bigger and that dip in the road slowly turns into a pothole. These imperfections in the road can cause major damage to your Mercedes-Benz. If you can, it’s always best to avoid streets with plentiful potholes but if you are unable to, here are a few things you should know about potholes and what damage to keep an eye out for. Read the rest of this entry >>

new AMG and AMG GT C Roadsters

We’re Seeing Double with Mercedes-AMG’s New Model Release

New Mercedes-AMG Limited Edition Roadster Model Release

As if Mercedes-AMG didn’t offer fans enough options for superior performance, the brand is adding not one but two new AMG roadster models to its lineup. These twin roadsters, the AMG GT and GT C, offer a more intense driving experience with enhanced AMG performance features and a number of AMG firsts. Read the rest of this entry >>

Save on Getting Your Mercedes-Benz Road Worthy in Gilbert!

Mercedes-Benz Service Specials Gilbert AZ

We all have heard the lectures, make sure you keep up on your oil changes and tire rotations, etc. Well, while you’re doing these things for your Mercedes-Benz, why not save while you do it. With Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert, you can get exclusive savings on vehicle services this spring to make sure your Mercedes-Benz is ready to hit the pavement at full speed. We can clean your Mercedes-Benz spic and span for more enjoyable summer drives, change the oil, service the electrical systems and so much more. See our current service specials below. Read the rest of this entry >>

mercedes-Benz magic vision control system features

What is Mercedes-Benz MAGIC VISION CONTROL?


When you think about a luxury SUV, you typically think leather seats, an amazing infotainment system and only the highest quality materials. Have you ever thought about exclusive windshield wiper technology? Mercedes-Benz is providing its 2017 GLS drivers with the luxury of enhanced vision and safety in inclement weather with a MAGIC VISION CONTROL system. Read the rest of this entry >>

Ambient Lighting Mercedes-Benz

What Color Will You Choose Today In Your Mercedes-Benz?

Colors of the Mercedes-Benz Ambient Lighting

One of the cool features about Mercedes-Benz models is their ambient lighting systems. With the changeable colors, drivers can customize their lighting to match their every whim. As the years have progressed, each new model year has brought with it more colors to choose from, starting with three interchangeable colors to the now 640-LED ambient lighting systems in models such as the S-Class and GLE SUV. See just a range of the system’s available hues here with Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert. Read the rest of this entry >>

mercedes-AMG GT Concept reveal

New AMG Concept with Hybrid Power and AMG Performance

What could be better than a vehicle that encompasses Mercedes-AMG performance, cleaner hybrid power and the comfort of a four-door coupe design? The answer, nothing. Mercedes-Benz has just released for fan pleasure the AMG GT Concept that features an AMG V8 engine coupled with a high-performance electric motor and a new design to add to the AMG GT lineup a four-door performance coupe. Explore the model’s features and release here with Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert. Read the rest of this entry >>

March Madness Events Phoenix az

Get Ready For March Madness, Fan Style

2017 March Madness Events Phoenix AZ

Each year, thousands of people look forward to the magnificent display of athletic ability in March with top competitors of the NCAA. While the games take the spotlight for the March Madness Tournament, did you know there are a ton of things for fans to do too? Right in Phoenix, where the final four will be hosted this year and just a short drive from Gilbert, there are a variety of activities for fans to sharpen their basketball skills and celebrate the final four weekend. Read the rest of this entry >>