2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class models parked in a lot

First look at the 2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Anytime something new comes out from Mercedes-Benz, you’d better believe it’s going to get a lot of publicity. This is certainly true of the new Mercedes-Benz V-Class. Available as a light commercial van with available passenger accommodations to more closely resemble a minivan, the V-Class is poised to take commercial businesses and small families alike by surprise – but in a good way. Get a first look at the 2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class here on our blog! Read the rest of this entry >>

man holding his two children

What to do this Father’s Day

Five best Father’s Day activities for 2019

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to show appreciation for all that our fathers have done for us. Whether you’re looking to commemorate the life of your father, grandfather, or some other father figure in your life, sometimes the best thing you can do is spend time with them. there are so many different things you can do, but here are five of the best activities for Father’s Day in 2019! Read the rest of this entry >>

Mercedes-Benz EQC on the road

Mercedes-Benz EQC Electric-Mobility Services

The hype for the newest electric Mercedes-Benz model has continued months after its introduction. Boasting excellent fuel efficiency, the alternative to the traditional gasoline-powered engine also leaves a much smaller carbon footprint. It also has a number of features inside that will add convenience for the driver. The Mercedes-Benz EQC Electric-Mobility Services will assist drivers by letting them know where the nearest charging port is, what to do if they’re stranded on the road with a dead battery, etc. Check out a short explanation of this system here on our blog! Read the rest of this entry >>

man on the phone next to broken down car

Keep the heat down this summer

How can I keep my car from overheating?

Arizona gets hot enough as it is, and with summer rapidly approaching, the temperatures are going to continue to rise. Not only can the heat get uncomfortable, it can also wreak havoc on your vehicle. Overheating engines tend to be a little more common in the summer months as the heat radiates on your car. Take a look at some of the tips below to learn how you can keep your car from overheating this summer! Read the rest of this entry >>

2019 Mercedes-Maybach S 650 exterior profile

First look at the 2019 Mercedes-Maybach S 650

Mercedes-Benz is considered the ultimate standard for luxury, but believe it or not, there’s another step above the conventional: Mercedes-Maybach. There are many references to Mercedes-Maybach in pop culture, as it’s seen as premium luxury that is simply unmatched. There have been a few changes for the 2019 model year as the German automaker continues to improve upon the ultimate luxury sedan. Get a first look at the 2019 Mercedes-Maybach S 650 with the video here on our blog! Read the rest of this entry >>

Mercedes-Benz GLE 580 4MATIC exterior profile

Specs and features in the 2019 GLE 580 4MATIC®

Release Date for the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE 580 4MATIC®

Mercedes-Benz just revealed a short time ago that they plan to release yet another GLE model into the market. With a solid lineup that already includes the likes of the GLE 350, GLE 350 4MATIC®, GLE 450 4MATIC®, and three other performance-enhanced AMG® GLE SUVs, this adds another interesting factor into the combo. Check out some specs and features in the new GLE 580 4MATIC® as well as the anticipated release date! Read the rest of this entry >>

What’s under the hood of the 2019 E-Class Coupe?

Engine Options and Performance in the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a force to be reckoned with. While there are plenty of stellar options to choose from within the entire Mercedes-Benz lineup, the E-Class has the privilege of having the most body styles available. With a sedan, coupe, cabriolet, and even a wagon to choose from, and a variety of trim levels and engine options between them, there’s something for everyone within the E-Class lineup. Today we’re specifically looking at the engine options and performance in the coupe lineup. Check them out below! Read the rest of this entry >>