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Mercedes-Benz parked in a row

How to know if your car needs a wheel alignment?

When you drive a car, you mostly feel how the car is doing. Like when your car brake seems to be a little loose or when your accelerator is not working fine. There are many components of the car which need your regular attention. If you ignore whatever slight change you feel in your car, you might be going in the wrong direction. Regular servicing of your car and its components is of utmost importance for you and your family’s safety.

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Car professional servicing Mercedes-Benz car

How often should car brakes be serviced?

The brake on your car is one of the most essential elements. Knowing when to service your car brake is crucial for you and your co-passenger’s safety. Maintaining a car is an important part of owning a car. If you don’t service, your car parts regularly then they might need replacement sooner than you expected. To avoid such circumstance, it is necessary to get your car parts, especially your car brake serviced on regular intervals.

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M-B worker handcrafting leather

What is Nappa leather upholstery?

What is Nappa Leather? How is it Different from Regular Leather?

Here at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert in Gilbert, AZ, many vehicles in our inventory are equipped with Nappa leather. A fair share of our customers usually have a few follow-up questions when learning that.

What exactly is Nappa leather upholstery, how is it different from regular leather, and how do you take care of it? Keep reading to find out.

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Close-up on a tire tread

When should I take my Mercedes-Benz in to have the tires replaced?

Signs That Your Mercedes-Benz Tires Need Replacing

It can be tough to determine when your tires need to be replaced. To help, we’ve included the video below, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz, that goes over the key signs to look for to determine whether or not your Mercedes-Benz tires are in need of replacing. We at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert find this to be a helpful tool to let drivers know when their ride needs fresh rubber.

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AMG founder leans forward with an intense look on his face

Where can I find a Mercedes-AMG® Performance Center in Gilbert, AZ?

The Mercedes-AMG® lineup consists of some of the highest performing sedans, coupes, cabriolets, crossovers and SUVs in existence. Ever since the sub-brand first came into being in 1967 (amidst that great worldwide burst of creativity that also gave birth to the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper and the Summer of Love), drivers senses have been thrilled to the brim by Mercedes-AMG® machines.

These highly sought-after models are exclusively available via certified Mercedes-AMG® Performance Centers. Where can one find such a place in the Gilbert region?

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Woman looks bummed and holds up a "Help!" sign

Why is my Mercedes-Benz not starting?

Mercedes-Benz Start Failure Troubleshooting Guide

One of the biggest frustrations in the automotive life is when one’s vehicle simply will not start. Taking the ride into a shop is sometimes a necessity, but there are a variety of tests one can perform at home to see if the issue can be easily remedied. What steps can you take if your Mercedes-Benz won’t start?

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close-up look at engine under the hood

Reasons for no cold air from the AC

Why is my car’s air conditioning not blowing cold air?

Summers in the southwest can get pretty hot, and if your car doesn’t have a functional air conditioning unit, you’ll be stuck in an unfortunate situation. While many drivers never have to deal with an air conditioning system that blows hot air only, some of us do, and it can make long road trips miserable. Take a look at some of the reasons below why your car’s air conditioning may not be blowing cold air! Read the rest of this entry >>

person changing cabin air filter

How to change your cabin air filter

Our cars have a lot of different needs, so it’s important to keep up with them with regular checkups. However, there are some things you can do yourself that you don’t need to rely on your mechanic for. Changing the cabin air filter is one of those. Sure, it’s not a pricey service, but it’s a simple process that anyone can do and it only takes a few minutes. You can also take a peek under the hood and maybe learn a little more about your vehicle in the meantime. Check out the short video below to see how to change your cabin air filter! Read the rest of this entry >>

How do I Clean the COMAND® Display Screen in my Mercedes-Benz?

All new Mercedes-Benz vehicles come equipped with a COMAND® display screen varying in size and type, but one thing they all have in common is that they need to be properly cleaned at some point. If your display is looking a little dirty, it may be time to bring out the cleaner and get it sparkling like new. However, ordinary household cleaning supplies won’t do the trick, so keep reading to see what kind of cleaning solution we recommend to use on your COMAND® screen.

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