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Ambient Lighting Mercedes-Benz

What Color Will You Choose Today In Your Mercedes-Benz?

Colors of the Mercedes-Benz Ambient Lighting

One of the cool features about Mercedes-Benz models is their ambient lighting systems. With the changeable colors, drivers can customize their lighting to match their every whim. As the years have progressed, each new model year has brought with it more colors to choose from, starting with three interchangeable colors to the now 640-LED ambient lighting systems in models such as the S-Class and GLE SUV. See just a range of the system’s available hues here with Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert. Read the rest of this entry >>

mercedes-Benz extended warranty

What are the Mercedes-Benz extended warranty options?

With each Mercedes-Benz purchase, new or certified pre-owned, drivers are provided with a manufacturer warranty. New vehicle purchases come with a Limited Warranty of 48 months or 50,000 miles and certified pre-owned purchases come with a 12 month/unlimited miles warranty. Once these warranties expire however, Mercedes-Benz does offer extended warranties and additional warranties for parts, wheels and emissions, all of which you can get with Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert.
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