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Keep the heat down this summer

How can I keep my car from overheating?

Arizona gets hot enough as it is, and with summer rapidly approaching, the temperatures are going to continue to rise. Not only can the heat get uncomfortable, it can also wreak havoc on your vehicle. Overheating engines tend to be a little more common in the summer months as the heat radiates on your car. Take a look at some of the tips below to learn how you can keep your car from overheating this summer!

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person pouring coolant in a vehicleThe single most important thing you can do to prevent your car from overheating is to schedule regular maintenance checkups. While these visits will probably cost you a little cash, it’s small potatoes compared to a problem that doesn’t rear its ugly head until it’s too late.

As for what you can do yourself, be sure to take the proper precautions by ensuring your coolant levels are always where they need to be. Always have spare coolant on hand so you’re ready in case there’s a small leak and you need to fill it up quick. Since coolant has a lifespan, you’ll also need to get it drained and replaced from time to time. The coolant itself should have its lifespan listed on the container.

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Additionally, you’ll want to check the drive belt and radiator cap, as these both can cause your engine to overheat when damaged. The drive belt should be free from cracks and wear while the radiator cap needs to be tight and crack-free with a functional spring. It’s also important that the radiator is clean, so be sure to brush away the dead bugs and dirt that can build up in there over time.

Adhering to these tips is a good start, but if you suspect your vehicle may be in need of some maintenance, schedule a service appointment here at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert! Our team is skilled at servicing Mercedes-Benz models and other makes and models as well. Stop by today!