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Extend the lifespan of your tires!

How to make your tires last longer

It’s a sad fact of life that car tires don’t last as long as we’d like. You can take excellent care of them, and eventually they will need to be replaced. However, you have a lot of pull as far as helping make them last longer. Take a look at our blog to learn more about how to make your tires last longer!

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Check the tire pressure

Checking the tire pressure is always important, and that goes for keeping the tires lasting longer as well. If you’re trying to keep the tires in tip-top condition, be sure to check the tire pressure often, as fluctuations in temperature can also affect the tire pressure as well.

When should I get a tire rotation?

Get regular tire rotations

Tire rotations are certainly an essential part of keeping your tires healthy. As you rack up miles, you may experience uneven tire wear because cars distribute their weight unevenly. Swapping the front tires for the rear tires can be a good way to make sure the tires all receive the same amount of wear.

Get a wheel alignment

Over time, all those bumps and potholes you hit will have a negative affect on your wheels. This can be fixed by getting wheel alignments. You’ll notice that the wheel alignment is off if you let go of the steering wheel and it pulls hard one way or the other.

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