Open road between pine trees

Is it possible to live remotely from one’s vehicle?

Traveling the World and Living Remotely in a Mercedes-Benz

Have you ever considered leaving your sedentary life behind for a life on the road? That’s what Maria, her husband Leandor, and their son Lennox did three years ago. Since then, they’ve been on the move in their Mercedes-Benz LA 911 truck, which they fondly refer to as “Akela.” Their subsequent adventure has spanned 23 countries, three continents, and multiple different terrains.

We admire Maria and family for their courage to choose an alternative lifestyle. Though Maria had already travelled a lot for her job, she left that because it was too time-consuming. To be able to handle such a life, Maria says one must, “overcome the fear of letting go of the usual, be flexible and open to new things, make compromises and not be narrow minded.” You won’t know what’s going to happen, but instead must take things for what they are and work with them.

Maria has found the reward of a new perspective in this vagabond way of life. For a glimpse into her existence, check out the video below. Hint: turn on the subtitles if you don’t speak German.

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