Is the Burmester surround sound system worth it?

High-end sound systems in modern luxury cars can deliver quite mind-blowing audio quality, but often come saddled with likewise skull-popping price tags. While the Burmester surround sound system for Mercedes-Benz models is not typically packaged as loftily as luxury sound systems in other top-tier brands, it still rings up a hefty sum. Is it worth it to opt for the optional Burmester surround sound system in your new Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz Burmester Audio System Value and Strengths

According to audio reviewers and customers alike, the Burmester sound system is a great addition to any Mercedes-Benz. The system both sounds and looks great. While pricey, it’s more reasonably priced than many other top-tier luxury vehicle sound systems. In addition, it often comes in packages bundled with other desirable features.

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What do reviewers and customers say about the Mercedes-Benz Burmester sound system?

Those who have opted for the Burmester set-up in their Mercedes-Benz tend to give it great reviews. Homan13PSU writes on Reddit that the system, “has amazing sound. I can’t recommend it enough.” Hamburglar27 comments, “The Burmester is definitely worth it imo. I’m a bit of a music lover and I really enjoy how the Burmester sounds in my C300.

According to audio reviewers, “ticking the Burmester box in your new Mercedes-Benz makes a lot of sense.” A Burmester sound system on its own can be extremely pricey (running to around 130k for the whole setup), so getting a taste in one’s Mercedes-Benz for a couple thousand doesn’t sound so crazy by comparison. The feature often comes as a part of packages that deliver additional tantalizing features as well.

An additional benefit of the Burmester system is an element not delivered by many rival set-ups: it simply looks pretty. Even the appearance of the speaker grille can be lovely, such as the beautiful, brushed aluminum one gets in the C-Class (pictured).

Which Mercedes-Benz models offer a Burmester sound system?

The Burmester system is available in many different Mercedes-Benz models, ranging from the B-Class to the S-Class.