What is Mercedes-Benz E-Active body control?

E-Active Body Control Meaning, Function and History

As a leading automaker, and a luxury one at that, Mercedes-Benz is always coming out with one new exciting technology or another. Each one of these gets fitted with a sleek name that somewhat implies, but never fully explains, what that technology does.

One of these tasty terms you may have come across is “E-Active Body Control.” What, exactly, does E-Active Body Control mean and do?

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Mercedes-Benz E-Active Body Control aspires to be the world’s most intelligent suspension system. It does a pretty good job of achieving this goal, managing to provide even better ride comfort and agility than before on the vehicles on which it’s bestowed.

When combined with the newly developed Airmatic air suspension, E-Active Body Control manages to be the only system in the market that can individually control spring and damping forces at each wheel. As a result, there’s optimal ability to suppress rolling, pitching and lifting movements. The system also includes completely new functions such as “free-driving mode.”

E-Active Body Control pairs well with other features such as Road Surface Scan and the curve inclination function known simply as “CURVE.” All these features come together on the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE to embody the goal of Mercedes-Benz to craft the world’s most intelligent SUV suspension.

How was E-Active Body Control created?

Mercedes-Benz was already conducting research on specific-wheel-optimized spring and damper systems more than 40 years ago. The original Active Body Control system was first introduced into production in 1999. Over the years, the Active Body Control system was continuously optimized, finally resulting in the E-Active Body Control technology we see today.

In 2013, a feature called Road Surface Scan joined the party. This resulted in the first predictive suspension that can respond to surface undulations before they’re encountered.

E-Active Body Control in the Mercedes-Benz GLE

A nice example of the E-Active Body Control system can be found in the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE. The system provides all-around level control, resulting in a remarkable ability to keep the vehicle level constant. In addition, the level can be raised or lowered as required to increase ground clearance.

Different levels can be selected in special off-road driving modes. We’re continually impressed by how this system manages to be flexible and comfortable alike.