Red 2021 Mercedes-Benz A-Class outside a store

What is the cheapest Mercedes-Benz vehicle?

Mercedes-Benz is known for producing premium luxury vehicles. While all of its models deliver a top-tier experience, not every Mercedes-Benz machine need obliterate the buyers bank account.

In addition to its top-of-the-line vehicles, our favorite automaker also provides easier-to-afford entry points to the brand that still deliver the style, design, and overall high-end experience that Mercedes-Benz is recognized for throughout the world.

Today, we’re going to take a gander at the most affordable machines in the Mercedes-Benz wheelhouse. Which Mercedes-Benz vehicle has the lowest starting price?

Mercedes-Benz Models with the Lowest Price Points

Interior cockpit of a 2021 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan is the cheapest vehicle sold by the automaker, outfitted with a starting MSRP of $33,650. For this price, the model boasts a surprisingly luxurious interior, cutting-edge tech, punchy engine options and spry handling. It stands out in the crowd among small luxury cars. Check out our selection here in Gilbert via the button to the right!

Highlights of the 2021 Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan include the latest Mercedes-Benz infotainment system, which comes outfitted with natural language understanding. This means that voice commands can easily be utilized.

Silver 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA

What’s the cheapest Mercedes-Benz SUV?

The smallest and cheapest Mercedes-Benz SUV is the GLA. This model also enjoys agile handling and punchy powerplant options. It’s been completely redesigned for 2021 and now comes outfitted with an even beefier base engine, updated multimedia system, and additional headroom and rear-seat legroom. Check out our selection of this model via the button below!

Mercedes-Benz produces a lot of different models. How can I find the one that’s right for me?

Mercedes-Benz organizes its models in classes that fall in a hierarchical manner. This makes it easy to find the model that best suits your needs, desires, and price point. Learn about all the different classes of Mercedes-Benz here.