How fast can you drive in Arizona?

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What is the fastest legal speed limit in Arizona?

Luxury car shoppers flock to Mercedes-Benz due to the exquisite performance features they offer. Many drivers like taking their cars out and testing their performance on back roads or race tracks. Unlike the autobahn in Germany that has stretches of road without any speed limit, the United States is much more strict about enforcing those laws. Read on to see what the fastest speed limit is here in Arizona!

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Mercedes-AMG® GT R PRO on a race trackHow fast can you drive in Arizona?

Federal law allows states to set their own speed limits, and the fastest speed limits tend to be in rural areas. The fastest legal speed limit in Arizona is 75 mph, and you’ll find that posted around select rural freeways and interstate highways. The speed limit is also highly dependent on road conditions, as areas with sharper turns or extenuating factors may be reason to have a slower speed limit. As with many other states, the speed limit is set for 25 mph in residential and business districts, 15 mph inside school zones, and 15 mph in alleys.

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What is the penalty for speeding in Arizona?

In Arizona, getting pulled over for speeding may only result in a $15 citation if the driver is doing less than 10 mph over in a 55 mph zone. This means nothing will be reported to insurance and will not go on the driver’s record. However, criminal speeding can result in a fine of up to $500, up to 30 days of jail, and/or up to one year of probation. Drivers are more likely to receive at least one of these penalties if they travel at 20 mph or more over the speed limit or over 85 mph.

While it may be tempting to top out your car, it’s best to adhere to the rules of the road. Learn more tips and tricks here on our blog!

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