2018 S-Class Energizing Comfort

Explore the ENERGIZING Comfort of the 2018 S-Class

What is the new ENERGIZING Comfort system on the 2018 S-Class?

Considered to be the new benchmark in the automotive world, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is making quite the statement with its 2018 model. For the latest model year, the sedan lineup is fit with more innovative amenities than ever before in addition to its new range of powertrains. One of its most innovative features is the sedan’s ability to revitalize drivers using its ENERGIZING Comfort technology. Find out how it works here with Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert.

What is ENERGIZING Comfort and how does it work?

The ENERGIZING Comfort technology available on the 2018 S-Class lineup makes its world debut on the sedan and works to improve driver wellness. It combines the efforts of various comfort components in the vehicle to create an atmosphere of enhanced wellness for six different moods.

ENERGIZING Comfort systematically utilizes the functions of the sedan’s climate control, fragrance, heating, ventilation and massaging functions of the seats, console heating, lighting and music to create the driver’s optimal environment.

ENERGIZING Comfort Wellness Programs:

  • Freshness
  • Warmth
  • Vitality
  • Joy
  • Comfort
  • Training (Muscle Relaxation, Activation or Balance)
S-Class Energizing Comfort Joy
S-Class Energizing Comfort Training

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Does the ENERGIZING Comfort system work while you’re driving?

Designed with the purpose of enhancing driver wellness, the ENERGIZING Comfort system can be used both while driving and while parked. Each program runs in 10-minute intervals, creating the ideal atmosphere in just a few moments.

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