Why do I need a tire rotation?

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When should I get a tire rotation?

A tire rotation is just one of the many automotive services your vehicle will need at some point. As you rack on more and more miles, your tires will begin to wear down little by little. At some point they’ll need to be replaced, but by rotating them, you’ll be able to make them last a little longer. Read on to learn when you should get a tire rotation!

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generic vehicle on a lift in a mechanic shopWhy do I need a tire rotation?

The more miles you put on, the quicker your tires will wear. However, because the weight of a vehicle isn’t perfectly distributed, the tires will wear away faster under the heavier parts of the vehicle. Rather than wait until one or two wheels become completely worn out and replacing all the tires, you can get a tire rotation to switch up the wear and tear. This way, the wear happens more evenly, and the tires will all last about the same amount of time. Worn out tires affect fuel efficiency negatively, and if they become too worn down, they can crack or even burst. We suggest getting a tire rotation along with every oil change, so every 5,000 to 7,000 miles or so.

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How to tell when you need new tires

Once you’ve gotten all you can out of your tires, it’s time to get them replaced. But how can you tell that you need new tires? There are a few clear signs. If you notice cracks or bulges, you need new tires as soon as possible. The tread is another clear indicator. While some tires will have a lining built into the tread that will become visible when the tires are too worn down, you can also check it out for yourself by taking a penny and sticking it in the tread upside down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, that means the tread is less than 1/16th of an inch deep, which is too low.

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