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Where can I volunteer during COVID-19 in Gilbert, AZ?

Volunteer Opportunities to Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic in Gilbert

During the current pandemic, more individuals are in need than ever. Unfortunately, volunteering safely can be a challenge; it’s important not to create more harm than good by spreading the virus.

Luckily, many volunteer organizations appear to be implementing safe, responsible ways to lend assistance. We still recommend checking with organizations in advance to ensure they abide by social distancing and mask recommendations as put forth by the CDC.

To give some ideas of where you can help the community during these trying times, we’ve compiled some volunteer opportunities in Gilbert and Mesa below. Options are diverse, from delivering meals to seniors, volunteering at hospice, and helping unload food trucks to performing grounds maintenance at a horse rescue ranch, helping to manage a barn, and planting trees in the interest of incorporating cutting-edge sustainability solutions. Note that the outside options should be particularly safe (and refreshing!) during the pandemic.

Hit each link below to learn more. Thanks for helping to make the Gilbert region a better place for all!

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