Why do I need to retorque my wheels?

What happens if you don’t retorque your wheels after getting new tires?

If you’ve ever gotten new tires put on, you may be familiar with wheel retorquing. As you get the keys back from the mechanic who put the new tires on, they will typically mention something about coming back in in a day or two to get the wheels retorqued. Maybe you listened. Maybe you didn’t. Is it really necessary to go out of your way for another automotive service? What happens if you don’t retorque your wheels after getting new tires? Find out below!

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close-up look at Mercedes-Benz wheelWhy do I need to retorque my wheels?

When you get new tires put on, each of the wheels must come off and then be re-installed. Since the mechanic must try to gauge the correct tightness of the lug nuts, they can sometimes be off by a little. After driving for a few miles, the lug nuts may start to come loose or tighten up a little. Both of those situations can be dangerous. If the lug nuts are too tight, the bolt head can come off the lug nut. If they’re too loose, the bolts could fall out, and your tire could come off. While both scenarios are unlikely, they would both cause some serious damage if they were to occur. You’re best off listening to the mechanic and coming back to get the wheels retorqued. Not only is it a free service, but it only takes a couple minutes at the most. It’s definitely worth the minor hassle.

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