New vehicles with all-wheel drive Gilbert AZ

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC exterior profile

When it comes time to get a new vehicle, one of the criteria you’ll want to consider is the drivetrain. This refers to the way the vehicle drives, such as front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive. Each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but for some drivers, a vehicle with all-wheel drive may be the best choice. Mercedes-Benz has these with their 4MATIC® lineup of cars and SUVs. The next time you need a new vehicle, be sure to check out what we have here at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert, as our lineup is filled with something for everyone. Regardless of what you need all-wheel drive for, we can deliver here at our dealership. Check out our new vehicles with all-wheel drive here in Gilbert AZ!

Benefits of driving with all-wheel drive

By choosing a vehicle with all-wheel drive, you’ll have a variety of benefits. For starters, there’s the benefit of added stability and traction in poor weather or road conditions. If you’re traveling through snowy or icy roads, it always helps to have AWD so you can get a good grip. If you’re the off-roading type, you can drive off the beaten path and you’ll be better equipped for handling all that the off-roads have to throw at you. All-wheel drive is also the preferred choice for drivers who need their vehicles for towing capabilities, because the extra traction and stability helps ensure your trailer doesn’t sway back and forth.

Another big perk of all-wheel drive is that it helps maintain the value of the vehicle. Since more vehicles are two-wheel drive than all-wheel drive, you’ll have a less common yet highly-desired feature, which will give you an edge when trying to resell the vehicle down the road.

When it comes time to get a vehicle, trust the team here at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert to deliver on all fronts. We have just what you’re looking for with plenty of options for drivers of all kinds. Get in touch with us and schedule a test drive today!