Woman puts finger on Mercedes van with text that reads, Mercedes PRO connect and Mercedes me connect

What is Mercedes-Benz PRO connect?

Mercedes-Benz PRO connect Features and Capabilities

If you’re looking at getting one or more excellent new vehicles for your business’s fleet, you’ve likely come across offerings from Mercedes-Benz such as the Sprinter and the Metris. These models are excellent options for businesses in Gilbert and beyond, due to both their excellent capabilities and their cutting-edge features.

One of the latter elements is a gizmo that comes on many new Mercedes-Benz vans called Mercedes-Benz PRO connect. Customers looking for a great fleet vehicle here at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert often ask our team: what exactly is Mercedes-Benz PRO connect, and what can it do?

Interior cockpit showing Mercedes PRO connect Welcome screen on infotainment system

Mercedes-Benz PRO connect is an integrated digital system for Mercedes-Benz fleet vehicles that works remotely onboard the vehicle to transmit handy information to those who need it. The goal of the system is to help make businesses that use it more efficient, intelligent and safe.

Mercedes-Benz PRO connect can improve day-to-day business operations in a variety of cool ways. For example, the system helps users to increase safety, improve navigation, and optimize maintenance planning. Users can remotely access all kinds of info on equipped vehicles, including the location of the van, whether or not it’s locked, what it’s currently carrying, and where it’s due next. This info can be accessed either via the requisite app on a smartphone or the fleet management software.

Traditionally, businesses would have to go to a specialist company to set up a connectivity system like Mercedes-Benz PRO connect. Mercedes-Benz, however, now includes their very own incarnation so that buyers of their models don’t have to worry about that.

Did you know? Business owners are eligible for special Mercedes-Benz benefits.

How do I get Mercedes-Benz PRO connect on my vehicle?

Mercedes-Benz PRO connect comes factory-fitted on the latest Mercedes-Benz fleet models, and it can also be retro-fitted on some older vans.

What are the features of Mercedes-Benz PRO connect?

Mercedes-Benz PRO connect consists of:

  • The PRO connect app, which gives the user a direct line to the vehicle through the ability to easily access important vehicle and job-related info.
  • A Communication Module (included in new Sprinter and Metris vans) that quickly transmits data using a permanently installed 4G LTE SIM card.
  • The Vehicle Management Tool, which serves as a sort of control center by providing a comprehensive overview of fleet resources.

Witness Mercedes-Benz PRO connect in action in this video!