Where can I get brake services for my Mercedes in Arizona?

August 3rd, 2022 by

Mercedes-Benz brake service near Gilbert, AZ

While several major parts of a car ensure it keeps running smoothly, brakes are the most important of all. Whether it’s a luxury vehicle or a traditional automobile, the health of the brakes is crucial for all kinds of cars. Keeping your vehicle’s brakes in optimal condition is also vital for your and everyone else’s safety on the road.

At Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert, you can keep a check on your brake’s health with brake services and regular inspections. You can schedule a service appointment on our website if you’re looking for brake services near Gilbert, AZ. At our dealership, you can also take advantage of various offers of maintenance services and repairs for Mercedes-Benz models.

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Is it necessary to get your brakes inspected?

Typically, you must get the brakes of your Mercedes-Benz checked every 30,000 to 70,000 miles. But this may differ depending on the model you own. Even when you get regular brake inspections, there might be a scenario where you need to get your brakes inspected. The following are some of the signs that suggest your vehicle needs a brake service:

  • One of the most obvious signs that your brakes need inspection is when you hear a squealing noise without applying any pressure on the brakes.
  • Some automakers keep the brake pads steady with pins, bolts, or clips. Over time, these pins or bolts become loose and start to rattle, creating a clicking noise. This noise is an indication that your brakes need an inspection.
  • If you feel that your vehicle is being pulled to one side while applying brakes, it could mean that the brake pads are starting to wear out.
  • When you step on the brake pedal and feel unnecessary vibrations, you must get them checked out immediately.

Get brake services in Gilbert, AZ

If you’re looking to get the brakes of your Mercedes-Benz checked out, you can come to us at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert. We’ve a state-of-the-art service department at our Gilbert, AZ dealership, where we take the best care of Mercedes-Benz models.