Summer Maintenance Tips for your Mercedes-Benz

June 15th, 2022 by

How to care for my Mercedes-Benz during the Summer?

Your car is prone to potential damage during the summer due to the climate’s extreme nature. During this season, your vehicle requires utmost care and should be serviced and maintained properly to ensure that there is no harm caused. Join us at Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert in Gilbert, AZ, to learn how to care for your Mercedes-Benz during the summer. Continue reading for more information.

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Summer Proof your Mercedes-Benz

The first step to summer-proofing your Mercedes-Benz is to service the air-conditioning in your car. If odd sounds, strange smells, or hot air is billowing from your AC vents, get it checked immediately and replace the filter if necessary. You do not want to be inside a car without air-conditioning in the summer season.

During hot temperatures in summer, the engine tends to overheat, and smoke begins to appear from under the hood. Check your radiator and ensure that the coolant levels are always maintained. Similarly, check that the automotive fluids like the transmission fluid, oil, and brake fluids are also available in the required amount so that the vehicle receives sufficient lubrication.

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Check for wear and tear in your brake pads and tires. Owing to extreme heat and friction, they tend to wear out quicker than usual, so it is vital that you get them replaced and serviced before summer. Also, check the car battery as battery drain frequently occurs during the summer. Use a battery tester to check the potency of your battery so that your vehicle can start whenever required.

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