What Are the Key Benefits of Regular Oil Change?

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Advantages of Regular Car Oil Change

A regular oil change is mandatory if you want to keep your car in good condition for an extended time. It is essential for the smooth performance of vehicles. The time interval for oil changes varies from one car to another depending on its engine, mileage, and oil brand. Many modern cars already have an inbuilt oil monitoring system that alerts the driver whenever an oil change is required. Additionally, you can check out the vehicle owner’s website or the manual to know more about the recommended oil change intervals. Keep reading this blog by the Mercedes-Benz of Gilbert dealership in Gilbert, AZ, to learn more about the key benefits of a regular oil change.

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Why Is It Important to Schedule Oil Changes?

  • It improves engine efficiency. The fresh oil acts as a lubricant and minimizes the friction between the components in the engine. It ensures the smooth functioning of the engine.
  • Regular oil changes keep the engine clean. Over time, a lot of debris and dust gets accumulated in the engine. Without periodic oil changes, sludge will build up in your engine.
  • It extends the overall life of the engine. It protects the engine from friction. Regular oil changes grease the engine parts effectively.
  • The old engine oil, if not replaced, converts into sludge. It is then emitted from the exhaust. On the other hand, the new oil leads to the emission of gases that are less harmful to the environment.
  • Regular oil changes also prevent overheating of the engine by keeping its components cool.

So, routine car oil changes are crucial for vehicles’ smooth functioning and longevity.

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