2021 S-Class Cabriolet with top down

How to use the Mercedes-Benz SmartKey?

Mercedes-Benz SmartKey and its features

The Mercedes-Benz SmartKey makes your life a lot easier when you are out partying with your friends, or you are on a vacation with your family. There is so much you can control from just a key that every Mercedes-Benz car owner will vouch for it. It is nothing like the keys that you get with other cars that offer the option of locking and unlocking the car. The Mercedes-Benz SmartKey is many steps ahead in the game!

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Video showcasing how to use the Mercedes-Benz SmartKey and the KEYLESS-GO features

In this video you’ll see how the Mercedes-Benz SmartKey and the KEYLESS-GO features are used. Did you know you can open or close the car windows and the sunroof from your SmartKey? If not, then this video will offer you a perfect learning experience in just a few minutes.

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